Every time I have sex with my girlfriend, my penis hurts for hours afterward. | Sexual Health

It's certainly not unusual for a guy for you to possess a sore penis following sex, and there could be considered a quantity of things that trigger it. With Regard To example, perhaps your spouse is not well lubricated, and the roughness involving rubbing against the woman's or his cavity irritates your penis. An Additional alternative is the very fact that you might well be indulging within extremely vigorous, physical sex; just as your muscles sometimes feel sore right after an superb workout, consequently may your penis really feel sore right after an excellent sex session. If your soreness can be unaccustomed with a rash, swelling, etc. it is actually usually credited to always be able to among the se aforementioned factors. My advice? When lubrication is definitely an answer, let your spouse either have more by natural means lubricated as well as use a new lubrication. In the particular event that just overactive sex, relaxed it down a bit. Inside either case, create certain that applying any penis vitamin cream (health specialists recommend Man1 Man Oil) to your penis can be a portion of your daily routine. Appear for just one using acetyl L-carnitine to assist repair just about any penile nerve damage that will you may be encountering (especially along with lengthy or perhaps athletic sex) and also with L-arginine to help along with blood flow.


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